Who’s Shining? Identical Twins as Spelman’s Co-Valedictorians | The Worth Campaign, Inc. Who’s Shining? Identical Twins as Spelman’s Co-Valedictorians | The Worth Campaign, Inc.

Who’s Shining? Identical Twins as Spelman’s Co-Valedictorians

spelman twins

Kristie and Kirstie Bronner, 22

For the very first time in its long history, the oldest historically-Black women’s institution, Spelman College, will have its first set of co-valedictorians who are identical twins. Kirstie and Kristie Bronner both majored in music and have the chops to back up their 4.0 GPAs.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, the Bronner sisters credit their discipline and dedication with their academic achievement. They prove that with grit and steadfast devotion to one’s goals, anything is possible. And, because of that, they are the newest addition to our series of “Shining” women of color.

Why are Kirstie and Kristie “Shining”?

Well, for many reasons actually. First, they represent an absolutely stellar example for young women of color. Not only did these young ladies set out to attain a very difficult goal, they buckled down, stuck together, and attained it. With so much negative messaging in the media about young women of color, these two proved that much can be accomplished with a true desire to see one’s self through.

Second, these young women are “shining” because they made an explicit decision to forgo societal norms about what college students should do or be in favor of beating the odds. When asked about the sacrifices they made socially, Kristie explained simply, “Our friends kind of just stopped asking.” The Bronner sisters chose not to conform to any social standard, and instead, they realized that an achievement as grand as sharing the title of valedictorian was more important to their self-worth than socializing.

Lastly, these young women are “shining” because they are a quintessential example of what The Worth Campaign is all about. This organization  is about embracing authenticity and self-worth even when there is adversity in one’s life. These young ladies plan to go on to author a book and record a gospel album. And, based on their academic achievement, one would expect them to fund great success in all of their future endeavors.

But, the greatest take away young women of color could learn from these young women is what Kirstie had to say about their preparation for success.

“We don’t think we achieved it based upon genius, but based upon strategy.”

Far too often, young women of color are told that they aren’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough, to capture their dreams. And, not only does this dash the hopes of many, it diminishes their understanding of their own innate worth. These two young women clearly articulate that anyone can see the success they have seen.

What a powerful message for today’s young women. We have a feeling that this will not be the last we hear of the Bronner sisters. And, we certainly hope that they continue to share their positive and uplifting journey with other young women of color.