Who’s Shining? 4-year-old Genius Anala Beevers is | The Worth Campaign, Inc. Who’s Shining? 4-year-old Genius Anala Beevers is | The Worth Campaign, Inc.

Who’s Shining? 4-year-old Genius Anala Beevers is

Courtesy RollingOut.com

Courtesy RollingOut.com

Last week, we all met an adorable young lady named Anala Beevers. She is from New Orleans and enjoys many of the things children her age do. But, her extremely high IQ of 145, which puts her in the top 1-percent of IQ scores globally, is what makes her stand out from the crowd. This 4-year-old genius was invited to join MENSA, an exclusive “Members Only” society committed to acknowledging the scholastic aptitude of those with extremely high IQ scores.

This young lady is quite impressive. She certainly knows more about grammar, language, and geography than many adults. And her wee age makes that knowledge all the more intriguing. But, the fact that she is a black child from New Orleans, a city steeped in a history of segregation and racism and known for the racial divide exposed during and after Hurricane Katrina, adds great dimension to this story. Beevers is not some upper crest, silver-spoon fed young lady who comes from a long line of academics and well-known philosophers. Instead, she is a normal girl from a loving home who looks, speaks, and plays like most young girls her age. Her intelligence is so inspiring because of her girl-next-door story.

Why is Anala Beevers “Shining”?

It is obvious that Beevers’ intellectual prowess is a major accomplishment for her individually. But, her gender and ethnicity make her knowledge all the more poignant.

It wasn’t too long ago that scientists questioned whether or not black people were capable of the same level of knowledge as whites and other groups. The pseudoscience called phrenology became a widely accepted method of studying the supposed genetic disposition of black people. Using “medical techniques”, actual doctors attempted to find physiological differences between black and white people. They put forth the notion that blacks were obsequious, low-functioning people capable of little more than menial tasks. Claiming proof that blacks were inherently and genetically inferior to whites, they believed their subjugation to be legitimized. Sadly, these stereotypes have persisted over time. And, frequently, the public images of black women are manipulated to further cement these ill-conceived prescriptions.

The wonderful thing about Beevers is that her mere existence helps to do precisely what this organization strives to accomplish. She, along with young women like the Bronner twins, work to suffocate the stereotypes of women of color. Every time a story like theirs is publicly lauded, it presents yet another dimension of this social group which is more diverse and developed than the stereotypes surrounding it. These successful young women give off the important message that women of color are much more than just Jezebels, Mammies, and Sapphires. Beevers and the Bronners are intellectuals, thinkers, academics, and intelligent young women.

It is only a matter of time before the stereotyping tropes become obsolete. Stories and individuals like these help to undermine the notion that black people, black women in particular, are capable of scholastic achievement. And, Beevers’ story will work to inspire other young women of color to devote themselves to knowledge and lifelong learning.


  1. tealover says:

    I have always known those IQ studies were lies. It’s truly embarrassing how many people don’t do their research. So many buy into the ignorance of those who claim they are the world’s top intellects. Intelligence comes in different forms. Musical, art, creativity or math, science, and logic. There are different types of intelligence. Just because someone doesn’t have the aptitude for one subject, doesn’t mean, they won’t excel in another totally different area. I really wish the madness would stop! I mean I could do a study on white people declaring MOST white people bat shit crazy or mentally insane, considering that they have the audacity to do such biased studies on human intelligence in the first place. Of course they’re not going to shed light on the REAL accurate studies that have been done about human intellect. People still have strong racist feelings,that just shows nothing has changed.