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About TWC

Our Mission

The overall goal of The Worth Campaign, Inc. is to empower young Black women and girls in all aspects of their personal, professional, and social lives by encouraging them to be unapologetically authentic and true to themselves. Through empowerment and affirmation, this organization seeks to encourage civic responsibility and awareness among young Black women and girls thereby creating a multi-generational net positive impact on this community.

This organization sets out to suffocate the stereotypes, misnomers, and impersonations of these young women through affirmation, thereby removing the oxygen on which those labels thrive. Lastly, this organization seeks to encourage civic and socio-political participation by young Black women and girls so that they may ‘pay it forward’ to the next generation.

Our Purpose

The Worth Campaign, Inc. hinges intrinsically on self-awareness and civic engagement.

1) AltruismThe Worth Campaign, Inc. empowers young black women to understand that we each – collectively and individually – can make a difference. Whether at a local retirement home or on Skid Row, we can each affect the lives of others in a positive way.

2) Reciprocity – The notion of reciprocity is not a selfish one. It denotes a visceral response to the actions, behaviors, and sensitivities of others. The Worth Campaign, Inc. asserts that through positive exposure, selfless acts, and meaningful gestures, young Black women can effectively realign themselves with a genuinely healthy, genuinely present, and genuinely authentic core. And, it highlights the fact that, through a ‘fictive kinship’ of sorts, we are all connected.

3) Civic Duty – Efficacy is the notion that one’s voice or opinion matters. This organization sets out to help young Black women increase and develop their socio-political efficacy via active participation in activities which benefit their own communities.

Our Image

The African Violet (or SaintPaulia) is a beautiful flower. It represents modesty, romance, relationships, and a host of endearing facets of human life. But, there is a myth about these gorgeous plants that they are hard to grow, maintain, and nurture to blooming. However, under the exact right conditions, lighting, environment, and care, these flowers can bloom season after season. Their beauty is immense yet serene, powerful yet understated.

They are a lot like young Black women and girls. And, even though society may have mythological perceptions of them, young Black women and girls have proven that under just the right conditions, with the perfect amount of shine and a caring spirit, they too can blossom. And, season after season, year after year, decade after decade, these young women who know their worth, their conditions, and their optimal levels of care can live healthy, fruitful lives.

These fundamental principles together strengthen young black women’s sense of self-worth thereby ushering them along in their journey toward true authenticity.