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The Worth Campaign, Inc. has two core educational and outreach programs: 1) high school girls, and 2) college-aged women.

We also organize The Annual Worth Awards (#TheWorthAwards) which are meant to highlight those in the community who embody the Themes of Worth. These awardees will be judged based on the organization’s three-point purpose of altruism, reciprocity, and civic duty.


How will the programs work?


High School Level Initiative high school-aged Black girls, who maintain a minimum GPA to participate, will be introduced to supplemental curricula targeting specific topics which reinforce self-worth. In addition to the traditional classroom setting, these young women will be participating in hands on activities with their peers teaching them about community and partnership. These young women will be mentored by college-aged volunteers.

College Level Initiativecollege-aged Black women will have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions about issues they face in their college experience and careers. They will also have the opportunity to volunteer to mentor young women in high school who have started their personal worth campaigns. The goal of this portion of the initiative will be to give young women further reinforcement and resources to help them maintain their empowerment initiatives through college graduation.

High School/College Exchange – the goal will be to initiate The Worth Campaign on college campuses and invite high school participants to these locations. Both groups will participate in lectures, forums, and panels with Black women in political and private leadership.

The overall goal is promote community, increase social and civic awareness, and encourage self-determination in young Black women and girls. By creating a system of altruism, reciprocity, and civic duty, The Worth Campaign, Inc. will create a cycle of worth for future generations of Black girls.