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The Need

The Worth Campaign, Inc. is committed to strengthening young Black womens’ and girls’ senses of self-worth via educational enrichment, panels, forums, and supplemental curriculum. There are a few key needs this organization seeks to address.



Self-worth – Women of color have higher than average rates of depression and stress. This is due, in part, to the disparities in physical and mental health, economic wealth, and community violence for Black women. These issues of poorer mental and physical health facing Black women and girls are determinant in their long-term success.


Community Engagement and Leadership:

Civic duty – There are currently no Black women in the US Senate. Currently, there are only 17 Black women in the US House of Representatives (3% of the entire Congress). There is currently only one Black woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the US. Black women remain underrepresented in public and private positions of leadership. This limits the amount of access these women have to these institutions while perpetuating a system of exclusion for Black women in these fields of interest.

Black women and girls are natural leaders in their communities. But, issues of stress, self-worth, and empowerment limit these women’s ability to fully actualize or attain their potential.

The Worth Campiagn, Inc. seeks to equip these young women with the tools they need to appreciate and value themselves as they positively contribute to their families, churches, schools, workplaces, and social institutions.