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Themes of Worth


The Worth Campaign, Inc. is about giving. This is the most important theme here. First and foremost, in order to recognize our own self-worth, we have to be willing to give ourselves the chance to be good, to be imperfectly great, and to be human. And, as an organization, we want to capitalize on the necessity to give back.

The eventual goal for this community is for it to serve high school aged Black girls who often struggle with issues of self-worth and authenticity. With forums, mentorship opportunities, speaking engagements, university visits, and high school clubs, The Worth Campaign, Inc. will be a right of passage for young Black women on their individual journeys to authenticity.


The theme of thriving encompasses our academic, professional, and social endeavors. Black women operate in all of these circles. And each circle holds its own unique impact in our lives.

As women, we are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, cousins, church leaders, mentors, teachers, sorority sisters, and a host of other extremely valuable roles within our communities. We live in many circles. We operate under many hats. And, just below the surface, like ducks, we are often kicking feverishly to get from one point to another.

We face the same load as other women but in a slightly different mode. We often contend with unique factors that unequally impact our community like teen pregnancy, single parenthood, heart disease, and obesity. In this forum, we will discuss how these issues uniquely impact our community and the pathological implications these issues carry.


For Black women, hair has always been a major point of dialogue, stress, contention, and discord. Whether you choose to chemically-treat it, grow it naturally, style with heat assistance, or simply rock the ponytail, your hair is your own. Here, we will discuss hair and its many many facets.

This theme will cover worthy hair products and practices pertaining to kinky, curly, and afro-textured hair.


This theme is our opportunity to give a little shine to an authentic Black woman in the spotlight. Whether she be a celebrity, a homemaker, a teacher, a friend, or a family member. This is your opportunity to reinforce our worth by recognizing and appreciating the worth of another. We would love to see your nominations for a “Shining” review.