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Univ. of Alabama Jewish Sorority Elects First Black President

Race relations in this country have become increasingly hot-button in recent years. And, our issues discussing and addressing race have, in some … [Continue reading]

Fresno State Debaters Are First Black Women to Win Big

Two awesome young women at Fresno State University (California) made history in October winning the Henry Clay Invitational Debates in 1st and 2nd … [Continue reading]

Black GIrls Rock!, #WhiteGirlsRock, and Understanding Self-Worth

On Sunday, BET aired the annual Black Girls Rock! awards show. Each year, Beverly Bond takes her nonprofit to the stage to give shine to black girls … [Continue reading]

“Black” Hairstyles on White Women Evoke Questions of Professionalism

Black women's hair seems to be in the news every other day or so. How it is styled, how long it is, what its texture feels like, and so on comes up in … [Continue reading]

First Black Designer, Dom Streater, Wins ‘Project Runway’

Recently, there has been a lot of press covering the dearth of people of color in high  fashion. High fashion and couture print models are … [Continue reading]

Hair Tutorial: Aloe Vera Braid Spray (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, I was very much into my heavier olive oil braid spray since I was traveling to Washington DC for a family trip. But, since returning … [Continue reading]