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Michelle Obama Gives Us Life!

michelle obama portrait 2On this Mother’s Day, we want to recognize a very special mom, the very first woman of color to hold the title of First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Mother of two and mother figure for many, she continues to radiate positivity, ambition, and steadfastness in the face of criticism and the harsh realities of the political limelight.

Michelle Obama is, by far, one of the most poised, radiant, and elegant women of color to have ever graced the covers of magazines, television screens, and social media timelines. Not only is she a shining example to young black women, she inspires women everywhere to embrace their uniqueness and authenticity.  So, not only is she the highlight of this spotlight on women “Giving” to their community, she is also a highlight for our “Shining” gallery of beautiful and accomplished women of color.

Michelle Obama gives us “Let’s Move!”

With all the recent focus on “30 day squat challenges” and health cleanses, Michelle’s athletic, long and lean frame has been a topic of discussion since we were introduced to her a few years ago. And, in 2010, she announced that her focus as the first First Lady, she would be tackling the out of control obesity rates among America’s children and adolescents. The “Let’s Move!” campaign was born out of her desire to see a healthier future for the leaders of tomorrow.

michelle obama gardening

Michelle O gardening at the White House with local children

But, a secondary thrust of her new program was food education. Since many of today’s young children live in inner cities, they do not necessarily have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, they may not understand what the right foods are for their health. To address this, Mrs. Obama set out to make a more understandable food chart to help parents and children make the right choices at meal time.

So, not only has Michelle O done her due diligence in teaching others in the broader public about healthy food options, she has also spent time in her local community educated children about a healthy lifestyle which includes garden grown fruits and veggies.

In all, Mrs. Obama has been giving back to others from the inception of her career in the White House. And, her efforts prove that her innate character is just as grand as her graceful exterior.

Why is Michelle O “Shining”?

Michelle is shining for a host of reasons. But, among the many, she is shining because she consistently represents the possibilities for young women of color today. Holding an undergraduate degree from Princeton in Sociology and a Juris Doctorate from Harvard, she proves that beauty can be accompanied by great intelligence and fervor. Not only that, Michelle O, like many young women of color, is a first generation college graduate. She went to two of the world’s most prestigious universities, defeating the odds for what many statistics show would have been an impossible journey for her to traverse.

Mrs. Obama represents exactly what The Worth Campaign is all about. She manages family and household while striving to be her best self every day. And, her efforts are not only to better herself, but, also to better those less fortunate than she is. So, on this special day, along with all the other amazing moms out there, we would like to cast a special light on Mrs. Obama. She is shining example not just for young women of color but for women everywhere.



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