Serena Williams Shines on the ‘Body Issue’ Cover of Essence Magazine | The Worth Campaign, Inc. Serena Williams Shines on the ‘Body Issue’ Cover of Essence Magazine | The Worth Campaign, Inc.

Serena Williams Shines on the ‘Body Issue’ Cover of Essence Magazine

serena williams essence coverSerena Williams is a gorgeous lady. Not only that, she is a world renown athlete. And, the July 2013 edition of Essence magazine, the “Body Issue”, will highlight the radiant young woman of color on a grand scale. The athletic beauty also guest edited the edition of the magazine geared toward black women. And, within its covers, she addressed the topic of her curvy figure and the criticism she previously received.

A great example for curvy women of color, her gorgeous cover shows a proud woman who accepts herself as is.

Serena Williams Faced Criticism Too

It seems like virtually everyone in the limelight endures some subset of naysayers and haters. No matter one’s accomplishments, there is always someone there to attempt to bring a shining star a bit closer to Earth. According Williams, she has had to face criticism about her figure for quite some time.

“It can be a bit weird,” she admits. “Before it was, ‘Serena has a big butt,’ and that was all. Now there are way more people who feel comfortable with themselves and they’re saying, ‘I’m a woman, and this is what I look like.’ I always say, ‘We’re popular now! We’re finally in style!'”

Whether curvy women are in style now or not, it is certain that a message of beauty in all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds is now coming to the media forefront. With documentaries and fashion ads featuring the beautiful singer Beyoncé, stories like Williams’ are becoming part of a much bigger sea change for women of color. In recent years, the stereotypical images of yore have seemed to have less and less oxygen on which to thrive. Now, that is what we are all about here at The Worth Campaign.

At 31-years-old, 5-foot-9-inches tall, and a healthy 155-pounds, Williams continues to wow men and women of all races and creeds.  While she continues to kick butt on the tennis court, she’s taken time to express that what she feels about herself is what is most important to her.

“I feel lighter, I feel healthier, and even though I’m 31—which really isn’t old, but for an athlete, particularly a tennis player, it’s old—I promise you, my body has never felt better. Considering how much I’ve played and how much I’ve done, I feel fine. I’m strong…”

So, what does this mean for curvy women of color both in the limelight and in normal daily life? Well, Williams thinks they are in style now. Beyoncé sent the same message to H&M. And, that could certainly be the truth. Regardless, these women, especially black women, will have to continue the good work of improving the station and image of women of color.

An H&M ad campaign and an Essence magazine cover will not be enough to combat the decades and centuries of misrepresenting women. Yet, it greatly increases the accessibility to diverse women of color. Here at The Worth Campaign, we believe there is nothing better than that. The more positive visibility these women achieve, the better the images seen by young women of color who are still working to identify and appreciate their own self-worth.

We say congratulations to Ms. Williams on her gorgeous cover, athletic physique, and continuous effort to be her true self even amidst the criticism she has received. Notes taken Ms. Williams. We’ll be looking for many more stars, athletes, television personalities, and public figures to take the same just stand.