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Who’s Shining? “Curly Nikki” Walton is…

curly nikki portaitHave you heard of the online hair blogging sensation Nikki “Curly Nikki” Walton? Well, if you haven’t, you have been out of the loop on all things black hair for at least five years.

Nikki Walton is a best-selling author, blogger, psychotherapist, mommy, and hairlista who started her blog site CurlyNikki.com in October 2008 as a response to a lack of online presence for kinky/curly hair texture experts and advice. She coined the motto “If You’re Not Feeling Your Hair, You’re Not Feeling Yourself…” And, here at The Worth Campaign, we think this young lady is definitely representing all four of the Themes of Worth: Giving, Thriving, Growing, and Shining.

better than good hairWalton’s efforts have landed her on the pages of Essence and Ebony Magazines. She has also served as a natural hair expert on The Tyra Banks Show and MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show hosted by none other than Melissa Harris-Perry herself. She recently published her bestselling natural hair care book called “Better Than Good Hair.” And she has a whole lot more on her resume worth noting.

Why is Nikki Walton Shining?

Well, The Worth Campaign is all about living authentically. Not only that, it is about understanding one’s own innate worth without regard for external factors which might attempt to diminish that worth. Well, this is exactly what Walton has been doing since she broke onto the scene in 2008. According to her hair story, she struggled for years with her hair length and texture. She faced difficulty getting her hair to stay healthy in between shop visits.

She was disillusioned with the lack of positive messages about kinky/curly hair. And, she wanted women like her to learn to love their beautiful locs regardless of the texture, curl pattern, or shrinkage level. And, even though she received some negative messages about her natural hair, she pushed forward with what she believed was the healthiest option for her.

Nikki Walton has been empowering women of color to love their hair and, by proxy, love themselves just the way they are. She has encouraged many women, including myself, to step out and embrace our natural hair. She has offered forums, chats, and instructive services via her site to assist women in their journeys to “big chop” or “transition” from chemical hair treatments to natural products.

According to the site, it was never meant to just be about hair but about women embracing themselves.

“CurlyNikki.com was created to serve as an online ‘hair therapy session’ for those struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair. It not only serves as an educational tool, but as a platform for each of you to share your experiences, frustrations, and triumphs of being Naturally Glamorous.”

But, Walton’s messages are not just about natural hair. She often features dialogue about black women’s issues and how to thrive in adverse circumstances. Her site is also a community for women of color to discuss how to raise their children with an appreciation for their own hair textures, how to address natural hair issues in the workplace, and a host of other unique conditions faced by this demographic. Walton has done a great job inspiring others to be themselves no matter the situation. And, for this, she shines quite brightly.

Nikki “Curly Nikki” Walton’s journey to authenticity has inspired, influenced, and reinforced many women seeking to begin a journey of their own. The Worth Campaign seeks to do much of the same things. Though we all approach authenticity differently, from differing vantage points, what is important is that we are all marching toward the same goal.

Congrats Nikki on all of your accomplishments! Keep shining for years to come!worthSignature


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