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Who’s Shining? India.Arie is

India_Arie_-620x521It has certainly been a great few weeks for the beautiful Grammy award winning singer and song writer India.Arie. She recently released her newest album “Songversation,” performed at the 2013 BET Awards, and sat with Oprah for “Super Soul Sunday” two weeks in a row on OWN. Her authentic style, poise, and message of self-worth has garnered her a spot on the “Shining” wall of fame here at The Worth Campaign.

From her 2002 hit ” Video” to her 2006 release of “I am Not My Hair,” Arie has made music to uplift and adulate the phenotype of women of color. And while her music has been her foremost example of this endeavor, Arie’s presence in the spotlight has done much more to represent these women on a grand stage. Her powerful vocals coupled with her embodiment of confidence in one’s natural form are what truly make her a gem in a community typically marred by stereotypes and misrecognition.

Why is India Arie “Shining”?

India Arie is shining for a host of reasons. Her lyrics have always been chock full of inspiring affirmations regarding her natural kinky hair, her deep brown skin, or her non-traditional features. It seems, though, that her time in the limelight has taken her messages to a reflective and mature place where she can fully embrace her true self. But, it was her honest and genuine appearance on OWN this past week that underscored her positive message for women of color.

The most powerful from this clip is perhaps the most concise.

“Your real job in the world is to be you.”

The words might be short and sweet but they run deep. Arie not only sings this message, she embodies it. On her new album, songs like “The Life I know” and “Soulbird Rise” elucidate some of her personal struggles. These issues with her career and love life were also discussed with Oprah. Yet, what makes Arie particularly special has been her keen understanding of the relationship between challenges and attainment. She notes in the clip that it was her initial Grammy loses that helped jettison her to the stardom she enjoys today. Without those disappointments, she might not have reached further, tried harder, and fought to accomplish her goals. Understanding that women of color often meet adversity when it comes to personal image, Arie has made it a priority to use her journey to rally these women around the central notion of self-love.

Arie is definitely shining. With her accomplishments to date, it would seem we have a lot more to see from her in the future. Here at The Worth Campaign, we hope that her positivity will continue to promote self-worth in communities of color.

So to end this installment of “Who’s Shining,” we will highlight the theme song of The Worth Campaign, “Beautiful Flower” by India.Arie.